Many patients come to see us for help with thumb pain and other hand problems. This one remarkable artist, Bette Ridgeway, produces large format paintings in a unique way. To keep doing this large scale work comfortably, she wanted to renew the strength in her hands. Watch:

Another remarkable artist is Deuter, a musician with a wonderful history of albums. Click below to hear part of his song called Hands of Love.

While our method of repairing key parts in thumbs and hands may seem technical, at base we are just stimulating your body’s natural healing ability at specific, small sites. Yet, all around us, nature proceeds and supports life everywhere. I photograph humble roadside plants that I see these days at the end of August, and I am inspired by their resiliance, their ability to grow in rough terrain, and by their beauty. I see them as art. They reinforce my appreciation of the deep power of nature.

Dr. Jonas Skardis