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    • I understand that New Mexico Pain Management (NMPM) attempts to be as close as possible to a fragrance-free office. I appreciate that some patients receiving care at NMPM are highly sensitive to and may become ill from perfumes, colognes, scented body care products, scented laundry products, or residual scents in clothes previously stored with moth balls. I agree to avoid using all such scented products and to avoid wearing clothes that carry residues of such scents on days I am to be in this office.

    • I understand that NMPM makes extra efforts to maintain a clean and minimally dusty office environment, with special HEPA filtration in key rooms. I will make a reasonable effort to avoid wearing coats or other outerwear that is particularly dusty or has with excessive pet hair, and I will leave my coat in the designated coat closet before entering treatment/procedure rooms.

    • I agree to pay for each medical service at the time it is provided. I understand that if any other special arrangement is made with NMPM regarding delay of payment (for example some auto accident cases) this will in no way take away my full personal responsibility to pay for all of my medical expenses. If necessary for the collection of my health insurance benefits, I hereby assign benefits to NMPM.

    • I understand that all medical procedures carry some degree of risk. For the many therapies at NMPM, some of the risks include temporary worsening of symptoms, bruising, infection, reaction to local anesthetic or any medicine, and sensations of sharpness, tingling, or other discomforts. These risks are very small, especially compared to the risks in surgery. I understand that my physicians at NMPM will explain further, while also discussing the likely number, frequency, and outcomes of treatment. I retain my right to choose, accept or reject any diagnostic procedure or treatment, or any part of it, before or during diagnosis or treatment.

    • I understand that I can request a copy of NMPM’s privacy policy, as required by Federal law. I give my permission to have my medical records transmitted to health insurance and any other third party payors, as needed to process my claims, and to attorneys or other healthcare providers with whom I am working. I also give my permission for NMPM to send me newsletters or other information by mail or email, or for their personnel to call me periodically to maintain up-to-date contact information.


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    Note that you have just agreed to not wear fragrances to our office. Remember that on the day of your visit don’t use body care products with fragrances, and avoid using clothes with residues of fragrances, including laundry product fragrances. Our few patients with serious chemical sensitivities thank you.

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