Anni Murphy’s Story

ANNI MURPHY HAD ENJOYED 34 years as an elementary school teacher, and she was looking forward to an active life after retiring at the end of the 2010 school year. Her help would be needed with twin boys her daughter was expecting in the Fall. Twin newborns and a 3 year old big sister were going to be more than a handful for her daughter, and Anni intended to be front and center to assist in their daily care.


One month after her retirement Anni was seriously injured in a high speed rollover collision. She incurred significant injuries to her neck, shoulder, rotator cuff, arm and hand, and was still in significant pain 6 weeks later when the babies arrived.

Upon the advice of a friend, she began 5 months of twice monthly pain management and tissue regeneration procedures at New Mexico Pain Management, including PRP therapy to her torn shoulder rotator cuff tendons.

twinsThe results were “excellent”, quick, and lasting. Thanks to PRP therapy and the other interventional pain management procedures, Anni now feels there is truly no limit to her activities. Just as expected, those grandkids are more than a handful, and Anni is now fully up to the task and happily reporting for Grandma duty everyday!