We concentrate platelets and stem cells from your blood to literally regrow worn or torn component parts of joints: ligaments, tendons, fascia, meniscus fibrocartilage, and joint cartilage. A natural process of self-repair is thus initiated and then reignited monthly, probably over 6 or more months, with your body doing the work with amazing intelligence.

I regularly bring you stories that patients tell. I have on many occasions been asked by inquiring potential patients if they could speak to someone who has been through the process. Our website, NMPM.com, provides unusually frank and detailed explanations, and it answers a list of frequently asked questions. But, many people want to see others who have been through the process. Therefore, I offer videos of real patients telling their stories.

Michelle Shortle, RN is a cardiac critical care nurse at Christus St. Vincent Hospital. In 2012 she was here in our office for successful repair of her knee and Achilles’ tendon. She returned early in 2018 for successful and quick repair of parts in her elbow. Watch and listen as she shares her experience of how it all worked out for her.

I myself know that music can be a quick vacation, taking me to other places in my brain. In these newsletters, I share bits of the music you would hear in our office. This month, I feature the music of a recent patient of ours, Justin Parker of the group Rampant Egos. He calls it experimental music, but I just like it. This cut is “Morocco Co.” from the album Road to Nowhere.

The days have been getting shorter and shorter. The following photo of mine expresses how I feel.

I hope that we can help you, your family, or your friends to permanently reduce your pain.

Dr. Jonas Skardis