Surgery often requires a large amount of serious down time – time away from work, time of inactivity. With PRP Stem Cell Therapy there is very little down time. You walk out of our office after each procedure and go about your day. You will be instructed to avoid strong exercise for a few days. In some situations, the nature of your tissue injury may make certain stronger exercise inadvisable for a longer number of months. But, you walk right out of our office each time and are able to go to the store, do errands, etc.

Gary Adams originally came in with a severely swollen and painful knee while he was in the midst of pressure to do a major remodel of a house he was trying to move into here in Santa Fe. It was not ideal, but he was up against time and financial demands to continue working on this house. To his credit, Gary was a strong, muscular guy, and he was used to construction work. I acknowledged the possible conflict of continued construction work with our process of repairing parts in his knee, but we decided in that individual case to proceed anyway in this knee repair process. We were lucky that this more demanding example did work out. He still had to discipline himself to do a bit less overall, and to do even less for the few days after each procedure. This example showed that, in some calculated cases, continuation of some heavier activity may be tolerated. Each case has to be weighed individually, and I’m not saying that such continued physical labor is acceptable in each case, but it does show that the down time with PRP Stem Cell Therapy is at least expected to be less than that after major surgery. Watch Gary tell his story.

Since some patients may have to delay return to certain kinds of work or exercise, I share here a song that you may hear at our office, Delay Time, by Jack Gates.

Apache plume is a local shrub whose blossoms are now appearing. I find them to be quite photogenic. Below are a few of my photographs.

Enjoy the Summer weather.

Dr. Jonas Skardis