There are so many causes of foot pain, too many to list here. A few examples include plantar fascia heel pain, metatarsalgia (pain along the bottom of the balls of the feet), bunion, bunionette (on the outside of the foot), Morton’s neuroma, and so many more. The key? If we can accurately identify the structures that are damaged, PRP Stem Cell Therapy may be able to repair those parts. The patient telling her story below had a tear in the tendon of a muscle along the outside of the foot, towards the 5th toe, together with damage of ligaments a bit further back. There was no single name for her condition, and that can also be the case for other people’s foot pain. Watch her tell her story.

If you have never been a patient here, the key is to read the rest of this website in a detailed manner. Our approach is an entirely different approach from standard care involving drugs and surgery. We literally garden inside your body, diagnosing by looking inside with ultrasound and using ultrasound to guide the placement of your own platelets, white blood cells, and stem cells exactly within the tears and wear spots in ligaments, tendon, and joints of your foot. Read extensively – the info is all here. Then, if you want to talk out your particular issues, call 800-702-NMPM.

If you make it in to our office sometime, you’ll notice relaxing and interesting music playing in the background. I like sharing some of those pieces of music in these newsletters. This album by Pat Metheny and Charlie Hayden is one of my all time favorites:

This first clip below is entitled The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

The following second clip is the theme from the movie Cinema Paradiso.

We are now officially past Spring. But on June 4th we went up to Aspen Vista and Spring was in all its glory. It had rained heavily a week or so earlier, and the foliage was an amazing light, bright green.

Enjoy your Summer. I wish you health and happiness.

Dr. Jonas Skardis