PRP Stem Cell Therapy may seem highly technical, but, at base, it is GARDENING inside your body! That is not just a cute analogy – it is the literal truth. You body has ability to grow collagen when stimulated by an injury, or by the intended bits of injury at our injection sites. Damaged or degenerated structures then actually grow replacement strands of collagen tissue for 3-4 weeks only. Somewhere around 6 such monthly crops are most commonly required to accumulate enough replacement tissue for most repairs. There are many individual differences to be evaluated to even know if you’re a candidate. But, if you are a candidate and you and I take this on as a project, it is a gardening project – collagen farming… literally.

Marlane Hamilton took on this gardening challenge, and she got a new knee out of the effort.

Rocker Neil Young wrote and sang a great song called Harvest Moon. However, the absolute most beautiful version was by Cassandra Wilson.

To go along with this newsletter about gardening and farming, I’m going to share some of my photos of grasses, a large family of plants that fascinate me.

Dr. Jonas Skardis