If you have heel pain, you’ve probably heard the term plantar fasciitis. In the following educational video, I clarify the term, show how and why the condition occurs, and I explain that it can literally be reversed with PRP Stem Cell Therapy.

I know some of you ideally want to meet some of the people who have succeeded with such a condition, and for that, I provide you with short conversations with Janis Loverin and Jim Noble, both talking about the resolution of their heel pain.

I love to share with you some of the music that we play for you when you are here in the office. In honor of Janis Loverin (see her video above), this is the song Slip Away from the album Lovéren (no relation to Janis Loverin).

I am happy to share moments of beauty that I see around me in the form of photographs in this newsletter. Hopes of colorful mountain foliage here were dashed by mass damage to the aspen leaves on the hill by a tent caterpillar gypsy moth infestation all Summer. In the past month or two, I have pointed my camera up the mountainside, only to find none of the expected bright yellow color. But, one evening I saw it as beautiful nonetheless. A soft light diffused through partial openings in the clouds, and the whole scene gained texture, subtle color, and an unexpected fuzzy, warm tapestry-like beauty. There was beauty where I did not expect it. I hope you see it that way. And, I hope you find beauty, right where you are, despite the circumstances of your life.

Dr. Jonas Skardis