I think plain walking is an underrated form of exercise. I’m happy to just walk out my door and amble down the street – I find this simple act to be visually and mentally expansive and therapeutic. Hiking is some escalation of the process to include going further into nature, and usually over somewhat rougher trails. I’m all for it.


The patient in the accompanying video went from an accomplished long distance hiker to barely a hiker at all. Then, we regrew the torn ankle tendon that was stopping her.


How about a short anatomy lesson on ankle ligaments and tendons?


How about some music for hiking?

Two For The Road, by Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny, from the album Beyond the Missouri Sky: Short Stories



Clouds, by Bruce Kaphan, from the album Slider – Ambient Excursion for Pedal Steel Guitar


Sea and Sky (Blue in Green), by Cassandra Wilson, from the album Traveling Miles


And along your hike you’ll see some beautiful flowers.


Dr. Jonas Skardis