We repair most joints of the body. More accurately, we regrow and thus repair key parts of joints, such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, fibrocartilage, etc. For complicated reasons, hip pain can be extra challenging. However, we do help many people with hip pain. Here is a short video of a hip pain patient telling her happy story. By the way, this patient was treated here in 2010. I continue to see her around town, and she is doing well now in 2018.



In time, I’ll share some more background about hip pain.

The music you hear in our office includes some by Jan Garbarek, a saxophonist, born in Norway and known in jazz, classical and world music. Here is a sample from his composition A Tale Begun. I appreciate its minimal, contemplative quality:



Here is Witchi-Tai-To, one of our all time favorites:


I leave you with some of my photos. Have a good 4th of July evening, and a good Summer.

Dr. Jonas Skardis