How long does PRP Stem Cell Joint Repair last? Back in 2008, Kaz Tani of Ten Thousand Waves had pinching of nerves in his neck and upper bock, causing severe burning pain to his shoulder blade and arm. Injections in the neck stimulated repair and augmentation of the ligaments that held his vertebrae in place, and that stopped the pinching onto nerves exiting the spine. Did it last? The following video has a 2 minute interview from 2009, followed by a 2 minute interview from 2019.

PRP Stem Cell Therapy grows what I like to call new teenage tissue in specific orthopedic structures, and that new collagen tissue is yours for life. It is permanent, or, maybe more precisely, it is potentially permanent. Life does go on, and we can mess up that tissue again through injury, uneven wear, etc. So, how long does it last? It can be yours always and forever.

For detailed explanation of what our neck procedures involve, watch the video in this earlier neck themed newsletter.

Always and Forever is the name of a song by The Pat Metheny Group with the guest jazz harmonica of the legendary Toots Thielemans, from the 1993 album Secret Story. Listen.

I am always and forever sharing my photographs with you. Below find some images of the season that I have captured.

Dr. Jonas Skardis