We repair knees more than any other joint. Our PRP Stem Cell Therapy proves useful, day in and day out, in getting people back to greater activity. The meniscus is a structure responsible for many, many cases of knee pain. In under 8 minutes, the following video can increase your understanding and appreciation of this key structure in your knees.


And, here is a lovely person, Judith McCoy, telling the story of her meniscus and knee pain.


This weekend, my wife and I were enjoying some music that I’ll put on the office playlist this coming week. It is an album of a solo saxophone echoing in a heavenly way inside of the Baptistery of St. Giovanni in Florence, Italy. Click on the triangle below the album cover to listen to a sample of this dreamy music.

I’d like to share bits of my personal experience so far this year of transitioning to Spring.

I got the idea that Spring was coming more than a month ago when a coleus plant in the office put out a rarely seen beautiful flower:

Yet, up on the mountain on the first day of Spring, the Aspen Vista Trail was still snowy.

Back home down in the City of Santa Fe, I was so pleased when I looked next door in my son’s yard. Years ago a friend had helped my granddaughter Audra plant a tree. Audra kept watering it over these years, but it stayed small and not obviously very vital. Early this Spring it had a coming out party, finally showing great blooms.

I was similarly surprised a week later when an anonymous spindly bush in our backyard suddenly transformed into a blooming showcase. It was so startling and surprising!

Less than a week ago, we had a small snow. I went out that morning to see if daffodils in the neighborhood had survived. They did!

I wish you a great Spring. May it be filled with beautiful surprises and resilience.

Dr. Jonas Skardis