To most people, the low back is a bit of a mystery. They hear that surgeons want to do surgery on lumbar discs or lumbar stenosis, and patients may assume that pain anywhere in the low back is due to those surgical problems. Yet, there are many structures in the lower part of the low back that may be generating pain locally, right in those tissues. Getting to know those will, in a sense, free you from assuming you are headed towards a surgical situation. May the following educational video show you how many pain generating local structures are repairable non-surgically:

Karen Anderson had severe pain deep in the gluteal area for years. The pain reduced her ability to exercise, and at times forced her to stop all activity, all movement. A neurologist suggested it was caused from her lumbar spine, and surgery was recommended. She refused. For years, a physical therapist helped, but he eventually referred her here to search for additional solutions. It took 7 procedures with injections mostly in the locally painful gluteal area, and her pain was resolved. Watch her tell her story:

Lloyd Bernstein had pain in the outer gluteal area near the greater trochanter of the upper leg bone, and in the inner gluteal area in at the edge of the sacrum. Interestingly, Lloyd managed, through all this time, to keep up his longstanding practice of Tae Kwan Do and gym workouts. Perhaps because he had pushed to maintain his fitness and athleticism, most all of his pain was resolved after his first two “crops” of new post-injection tissue growth in the local structures, and he only ever needed 4 injection procedures. Watch him tell his story.

We are approaching what are supposed to be the last weeks of Winter. This gives me the excuse to again share a favorite piece of music that we play at our office, Winter’s Last Goodbye, by Doug Hammer & Amethyste, from the album Secret World:

It has been warmer in recent days, teasing us about the oncoming Springtime, but exactly a week ago we had a nice snow. My photos below show what I saw.

Dr. Jonas Skardis