The low back is complicated – there is a lot there. In this newsletter, I will focus on the area of the waist and a bit higher. I offer the following video to better understand what is in this region.

Mike Serk’s worst low back pain was in this area of the low back. It was diagnosed years ago as lumbar disc herniation. Note in the following video that Mike made excellent intelligent use of core strengthening, other exercise, Rolfing, and self-treatment with trigger point therapy. I advocate for using all of these non-injection methods. Nevertheless, debilitating episodes of lumbar pain eventually increased again for Mike, particularly in the 15 months before coming here. So, while exercise and bodywork were and are great, he also needed PRP Stem Cell Therapy to refurbish and augment ligaments and tendons in his back. Exercise and bodywork target muscles, which are crucial active, dynamic stabilizers of the low back. Our injection process targets ligaments, which are crucial passive, static stabilizers of the low back that no exercise can strengthen. Our injections also repair tendons of muscles in the low back, for if muscles have tendons that are worn and painful, the muscles may not work optimally. Watch Mike tell his story:

We’ve had some cold and snow, though we need more snow. Let’s wish for some more snow for our mountain snow pack as we listen to part of a song that we play at our office, Snowdrifts, by Lithuanian pianist Laima Gazutis, from her album Simply Beautiful Collection I:

It is still Winter. It is still a bit dark, a bit black, white, and gray. Here is how I see it, in my photos.

Dr. Jonas Skardis