Our PRP Stem Cell procedures provide lasting pain relief for patients with neck pain, including those cases caused by whiplash. As always, the most permanence and stability is created by our strategy to stimulate the growth of new, additional ligament tissue to hold the vertebrae together more securely. Secondarily, tendons connect muscles to the vertebrae and base of the skull, and these tendons can be repaired so that they are not themselves sources of pain in the neck, and so that they are one less excuse for the muscles to tighten up in the neck and upper back. Third, there are some very practical, pragmatic nerve blocks in this region that can tone down the overall agitation of the nervous system here. As usual, a series of such injection interventions are called for.


The wonderful lady in the below video had an atypical whiplash, but a whiplash nonetheless. Learn from her story a lesson that progress is commonly slow at first, until there is what I would call a critical mass of new ligament and tendon tissue to make the whole region more stable. Plus, her’s is a good tale for hearing that other factors in life and in the environment still have their way during much of the time we work together. There can still be ups and downs for reasons that have nothing directly to do with our medical procedures. Joan Lombardi is an architectural designer, landscape architect, a choreographer, and has been a dancer all her life. Click. Watch. Hear her tell her story.


If you have been a patient here, especially in the past 7+ years, you can probably think back to the mellow and hopefully interesting music we play in the background. It is a pleasure to me – the soundtrack to my life. With most of you, I end up discussing some of the music. One patient from North Dakota brought in a CD called The Best of Eva Cassidy. I had never heard of this singer, but I really enjoy her music. Here are three partial clips as samples. Stop some of what you might be doing very briefly, click on the triangle to the left of one of those clips, close your eyes, and be taken to a different place.


If you want to own this CD, click here for the best price I was able to find. Go to the bottom of the page for The Best of Eva Cassidy.

Finally, after I sign off I give you a few more of my photos that may also help you leave this newsletter a bit more at peace.

Dr. Jonas Skardis