PRP Stem Cell Therapy has become very widespread, especially in larger urban areas. Even back in 2011, it was stated in the New York Times that PRP was used by thousands of doctors and in 500 hospitals in the US. Those numbers have increased greatly by this time in 2017. Unfortunately, most of the PRP performed in the US is not to our standard.

The below video includes a brief story by a successful knee patient. Additionally, I explain how our approach is to improve many structures in and around a knee or other joint, and to do so for as long as is needed for more thorough, lasting repair.

I like to share the music we play at the office. Here is part of Autumn Leaves, by Eva Cassidy, from her amazing album, The Best of Eva Cassidy.

And, finally, here are some of my photos of Autumn leaves:

I hope you enjoy this Autumn.

Dr. Jonas Skardis