We repair joints in most areas of the body. We use stem cells and platelets from your blood to stimulate a series of crops of new collagen in specific torn/worn structures in these joints. Click on the video below to hear Tom Andrews briefly discuss his experience here. In his business, MasterServInc.com in El Paso, TX, some jobs required him to grasp a high pressure cleaning gun for long periods of time. This caused trigger fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen finger joints, loosening of wrist ligaments, and pain throughout both left and right hands, wrists, and forearms. He also had a history of a fracture of his hip socket from a severe automobile accident. We did this video kind of quickly, and I apologize for a few places where my camera was shaky, but the human message still comes through.


Most of you receiving this newsletter have been our patients. Especially in the past 8 years or so, I hope you have been soothed by the music playing in our office. A recent patient suggestion led me to an older album by Pat Metheny called One Quiet Night, and it has become one of my favorites.


Click on the triangle below to listen to the first part of the title track, One Quiet Night.

Click on the triangle below to listen to the first part of Ferry Cross the Mersey. Those of you old enough to have lived through the “British Invasion” know it was a song released in the US in 1965 by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Last, after I sign off below, I offer you some of my photos from these past weeks.

Dr. Jonas Skardis

Bee 1

Tender Chamisa Buds


Fall Foliage