Automobile accidents can cause death and many forms of terrible injury. But what I have found intriguing for many decades is that the patient might walk away from an accident without a scratch, but end up having a lifetime of severe chronic pain because of that split second of force.

The patient in the video below was in one such devastating accident. Sixteen months after the accident, she came to us, still experiencing debilitating pain and instability that took away so many of the meaningful parts of what she called her life before the accident. When she first came in for evaluation, I literally could hardly touch her neck area, as she was so delicate. Her neck and head and upper back could be aggravated for days and weeks with actions as basic as looking up. Ironically, she was an avid bird watcher (looking up), and worked in a planetarium (looking up). Her life was destroyed on so many levels. I almost take too much time in my interview reviewing the many impacts the chronic injury had on her body and daily life, just because they demonstrate how terrible whiplash can be. Luckily, as the interview comes to a conclusion, you see that PRP Stem Cell Therapy did succeed in repairing the ligaments that were injured in that whiplash event, and all those many negative impacts on her daily life and work were reversed.

There are many therapies to help people after auto accidents. Whiplash is a sprain injury – a moment of damaging pull on ligaments that hold together the bones of the neck and upper back. Our bodies can repair/replace the torn ligament fibers to one extent or another, but only for the first month, and only in the absence of anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc. Let me repeat: the actual replacement of torn fibers within stretched and damaged ligaments only goes on for a month after the accident! Thankfully, PRP Stem Cell Therapy can be used once monthly after that to again stimulate your body to grow more of its own new ligament tissue, eventually to a point of stability, strength, and pain-free function. PRP thus transcends adjustments, massage, acupuncture, drugs and physical therapy by actually regrowing and replacing the core tissues damaged in a whiplash injury.

We want to make you feel as relaxed as possible in our office. Music helps. Here are three partial clips from songs on our office playlist:

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Dr. Jonas Skardis