Some nutritional supplements can be provided intravenously, making them far more powerful. How much more powerful? Read this article or this textbook chapter.

Dr. Celeste Skardis here at NMPM utilizes IV micronutrient therapy for many medical conditions. Click below the following images to be taken to her web page:

In performing PRP Stem Cell Therapy, our nurses need to access a vein to get blood. We use that opportunity to most commonly supply four nutrients via IV:

Vitamin B12

B12 is a nutrient needed for us to grow and repair your ligaments, tendons, fibrocartilage, etc. Many people have difficulty absorbing B12 orally, from either meats or oral supplements, so we supply it via IV. Metformin diabetes medicine, antacid meds, and aging usually worsen absorption and B12 status. Read about how B12 helps low energy, depression, anxiety, adrenal stress, tingling and neuropathy, not knowing when to stop eating, memory loss, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, metabolism of carbs and fats, etc.

Vitamin C

We are literally collagen farmers. We grow collagen strongly and strategically, precisely within tears and wear sites in ligaments, tendons, fibrocartilage, etc. We stimulate fibroblast white blood cells to secrete something called procollagen that then needs Vitamin C to become collagen. Scurvy was a disease of sailors in the British Navy in the 1800’s, a disease in which collagen connective tissue fell apart. It was finally figured out that these sailors needed lime juice or raw cabbage, which in the 20th century were found to be sources of Vitamin C. While you may not have full blown scurvy, any partial deficiency may limit our efforts to grow new collagen tissue. The USDA says 48% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin C. Oh, and recent research indicates that Vitamin C enhances stem cell function.

Dr. Celeste Skardis uses longer IV drips of larger volumes of Vitamin C to treat conditions like severe bronchitis and pneumonia.


Magnesium is another key participant in creation of collagen. IV magnesium very quickly enhances your blood flow – you can feel it within seconds of the infusion of the magnesium. The USDA says that 68% of Americans are magnesium-deficient, and that is important because deficiency of this mineral is also a possible cause of many other illnesses: muscle cramps, muscle spasm, stiff, aching muscles, back pain, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, muscle weakness, headaches. We emphasize how elevating the Vitamin D in your blood makes PRP Stem Cell Joint Repair more effective; taking IV or oral magnesium increases your absorption of Vitamin D. And, IV magnesium is directly and literally a pain medicine, used in some surgical situations, and at pediatric pain centers.


Glutathione is an amino acid that occurs naturally in our bodies, though it decreases as we age. When given by IV, it has a quick effect of cleaning the liver and boosting immune response. Tissue repair by PRP is controlled by the immune system, so glutathione prepares the body for the upcoming campaign of repair. It is also involved in DNA synthesis, and DNA needs to be built in each new cell created by PRP Stem Cell Therapy.

In summary, nutrients given by IV are unusually powerful. Dr. Celeste Skardis uses them for many illnesses. With PRP Stem Cell Therapy we add IV nutrients to further coax tissues to grow.

Coaxed to Grow is a fitting song I have to share with you today. It is performed by Steven Chesne. You may hear it played if you visit us at our office, or by clicking on the triangle below.

The trees around us are done growing for this year. They are starting to turn from green to bright shades of yellow and red. They are flaming out, showing the colors inside of them, before going into hibernation for the Winter.

Dr. Jonas Skardis