We repair joints using PRP Stem Cell Therapy. Almost always, there are a number of worn or torn structures participating in making the region hurt. That is particularly true with the hip. There is more to the hip region than most people understand, and that means that the causes of hip pain in any one case are expected to be at least several in number. Surgeons sorting for hip replacement patients focus almost exclusively on the status of the patient’s cartilage. While that is important, there are many structures that cause hip pain, and there are commonly various ways of reducing or eliminating hip pain short of replacing the hip. It is not necessarily easy, and even then we don’t accept every patient with hip pain. But there clearly is hope for various of the patients who come to us with hip pain. Here is a video about the anatomy, about all the many structures, other than the deep hip joint’s cartilage, that can be and commonly are causing parts of the pain. This is a 20 minute educational video. If your hip, or the hip of a loved one, is hurting, 20 minutes is not all that much to invest to potentially find a way to get many years of pain relief and renewed ability to move and exercise.


If you haven’t already, also take a look at last month’s newsletter on hip pain. If you wish to counter pose these hopeful stories to the risks of hip replacement, read newsletter 1 and newsletter 2 about the risks of joint replacement.

Here is another patient telling a story about hip pain resolution with PRP Stem Cell Therapy:


We enjoy our background music in the office. The following are songs from Bruce Kophan’s album, Slider: Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar.

The first sample is from his song High Desert. Click on the triangle on the left to listen. Make sure your audio is turned on.



The second sample is from his song Clouds:


One of the best things about Santa Fe is the Farmers’ Market. For decades I have been grateful to the farmers from whom I can directly buy freshly picked local organic food. Recently, I decided to honor them with fine art portraits; most of them appeared to like the attention. The project is up to 79 photos, all of which can be viewed here. The portraits will also be on the website of the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute. The New Mexico Department of Tourism also now has the portraits and has said they will use them in their various campaigns. A page of these portraits will also appear in the October 2018 issue of Green Fire Times newspaper. Thank you to all the farmers for the food, and for years of work without adequate acknowledgement. Just a few of the portraits follow.

Dr. Jonas Skardis

Levi Valdez with Great Great Granddaughter Jayla

Rosita, Rocio, & Estela Alcantar, Rocio Produce

Naieli, Juan & Juan Orozco, Orozco Farm 2

Reynel Orozco, Orozco Farm

Estella Alcantar & family, Alcantar Produce

Gary & Natasya Gundersen, Mr. G’s Organic Produce