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Personal goals

Don’t let perfect get in the way of better

Walking for exercise, then knee pain limits you

Bone on bone

Hall of Fame

Graphing growth & repair


Old – are you too old for PRP Stem Cell Joint Repair?

Fast – sometimes results come more quickly

Rotator cuff tears: full thickness? partial width?

Wrist pain

Side of the hip: what’s in there?

Achilles: what’s in there?

Plantar Fascia Repair

Astaxanthin, Covid-19 Cytokine Storm

Vitamin D, Covid-19

Her dogs were grateful.

Cipro: antibiotics that destroy!

How long does PRP Stem Cell Joint Repair last?

“I’ve never been a fan of needles.”

Interview: knee repair

Hope for neck pain

How long does healing continue?

Microscopic images of PRP Stem Cell Joint Repair

IV nutrients are powerful!

An artist’s hands

More artists

Gardening… INSIDE your body!

Prepare for ski season NOW.

Extreme rotator cuff tears

What kind of downtime do our methods require?

How long does healing take?

Ankle: what’s in there?

Knee: what’s in there?

Tennis is a great sport.

Neck: what’s in there?

Low back waist up: what’s in there?

Low back waist down: what’s in there?

Hands-on contractors need strong shoulders.

Return of the Light… hope for neck pain

Another patient story: knee, Achilles, elbow

Autumn Leaves, a story of a hip and knee

Hiking! ankle anatomy video

Hiking, even higher – a follow up to her story about her knee and ankle

What causes a hip to hurt – clarifying misunderstandings

Hip pain, PRP Stem Cell Therapy

What joints do we fix most often?

Shoulder fun facts

Joint replacement? (part one)

Joint replacement? (part two)

The garden is in full bloom – a story about knee and low back repair

Heel pain

PRP: quick or thorough? How is our approach different?

Whiplash can be severe and lasting.

Foot pain and PRP Stem Cell Therapy

Maria hurt her knees.

Knee pain and the meniscus

Brotherly banter!

A husband and wife story

Another husband and wife story

Rotator cuff tears routinely repaired non-surgically

Hand, wrist, forearm, hip pain

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PRP Stem Cell Repair for hips and knees

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